Exceptional Protection of Fluorescent Proteins (FP) and Endogenous Molecular Information

Available in 250mL and 500mL Kits
 Each kit comes with:
  • SHIELD Epoxy
  • SHIELD Buffer


-250mL kit is for 8 whole mouse brains or samples of equivalent size

-500mL kit is for 16 whole mouse brains or samples of equivalent size


Get the first step of tissue processing right with our easy & reliable solution kit

Superior Tissue Preservation

Versatile: Safeguards endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity, nucleic acids, and overall tissue architecture. Synergizes with a range of existing tissue processing approaches including SWITCH (Cell, 2015) and MAP (NBT, 2016). 

Easy, Fast & Reliable

Easy & Reliable: Superior tissue preservation vs. CLARITY, without the variability of hydrogel embedding. Compatible with both non-fixed and PFA-fixed tissues.


Fast: Streamlined protocol preserves samples in a matter of days with minimal steps.

Protects Tissue for Multi-Round Processing

Repeated Staining & Imaging: Protects tissue during FP-imaging and antibody labeling across individual rounds.