Exceptional Protection of Fluorescent Proteins (FP) and Endogenous Molecular Information

 SHIELD kit includes:
  • SHIELD Epoxy
  • SHIELD Buffer

250-mL kit: Preserve 8 whole mouse brains or samples of equivalent size

500-mL kit: Preserve 16 whole mouse brains or samples of equivalent size


Get the first step of tissue processing right with our easy & reliable solution kit

Superior Tissue Preservation

Versatile: Safeguards endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity, nucleic acids, and overall tissue architecture. Synergizes with a range of existing tissue processing approaches including SWITCH (Cell, 2015) and MAP (NBT, 2016). Other preservation techniques, such as PFA preservation alone, can lead to information loss due to physical or chemical stressors experienced during processing steps.

Easy, Fast, & Reliable

Easy & Reliable: Superior tissue preservation without the variability of hydrogel embedding. Compatible with both non-fixed and PFA-fixed tissues.

Fast: Streamlined protocol preserves samples in a matter of days with minimal steps.

Protects Tissue for Multi-Round Processing

Repeated Staining & Imaging: Protects tissue during FP-imaging and antibody labeling across individual rounds.