Light Sheet Microscopy

The SmartSPIM light sheet microscope provides unparalleled resolution and acquisition speed throughout intact tissue volumes, while its modular design allows you to upgrade and customize individual components.
Key highlights and features include:

  • Patented axial sweeping technology, which generates homogenous PSFz across field of view
  • Rapid volumetric acquisition (intact mouse brain hemisphere in <30 minutes)
  • Large imaging chamber and dual illumination, optimized for large (up to 40mm x 75mm) or multi-sample acquisition – easily image organoids, rat brains, entire juvenile mice, & everything in between
  • Focus compensation and tunable imaging parameters
  • Intuitive acquisition software with real-time tile correction
  • Objectives available for 1.63X through 22X magnification

The MegaSPIM microscope is our newest light sheet imaging system. Utilizing the same axial sweeping technology that makes SmartSPIM so powerful, MegaSPIM is optimized for imaging not only laterally large samples, but thin slices and arrays of small tissues as well. Unique highlights and features include:

  • Capacity for lateral sample sizes up to 200 mm x 200 mm –  easily image expanded tissues, large slabs, and arrays of organoids, slices, or whole rodent organs
  • Custom mounting solutions for a variety of sample types
  • High-throughput multicolor acquisition with dual cameras and independent focus correction
  • Post-processing tools to deskew and stitch your data into complete ready-to-analyze volumes