Tissue Clearing Reagents

Before delipidation
After index-matching
After immunolabeling & imaging

Clear+ tissue clearing system

Our new Clear+ tissue clearing technique is the only method that delipidates and optically clears samples with no change in sample morphology and with minimal impact on structural integrity. Clear+ processed samples retain mechanical strength, molecular stability, and native 3D structure.

An advance on our founder’s CLARITY tissue clearing method, this targeted delipidation approach is also dramatically faster: fully delipidate whole mouse brains in just one day with active clearing via SmartBatch+ or SmartClear II Pro, or just one week with passive clearing. Clear+ can also delipidate larger samples like whole rat brains in ~4 days.

After clearing, leverage our active immunolabeling methods to rapidly and uniformly label whole organs from surface to core with significantly less antibody than passive techniques like iDISCO and CUBIC.

Passive Clearing Kit

Start with the most versatile passive clearing method available: preserve, clear, and index-match your samples with our simple and reliable ready-made solutions, now featuring the Clear+ system.

Our reagents preserve fluorescent proteins, reduce autofluorescence, and optimally prepare samples for immunostaining, 3D imaging, and analysis. For significantly faster clearing speed and sample throughput, upgrade to electrophoretic clearing using SmartBatch+.

Kit Sizes

250 mL: Processes 8+ mouse brains or comparably sized samples. Includes: 250 mL SHIELD, 250 mL Clear+ Delipidation Buffer, and 250 mL EasyIndex.

500 mL: Processes 16+ mouse brains or comparably sized samples. Includes: 500 mL SHIELD, 500 mL Clear+ Delipidation Buffer, and 500 mL EasyIndex.

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