Optimized refractive index matching

Delipidation and refractive index (RI) -matching allow light to pass unhindered through the sample during microscopy. In effect, tissue clearing refers to the combined process of delipidation and optical clearing via index matching.

Delipidated tissues will appear translucent, while cleared and RI-matched tissues will appear transparent. Our preformulated EasyIndex solution prepares samples for sharp, informative volumetric imaging with light sheet microscopes like SmartSPIM.


Optical clearing of intact tissues & sections

The 500-mL EasyIndex bottle can be used for up to 12 whole mouse brains or similarly sized intact samples, or >200 1 mm-thick sections. We provide RI = 1.52 standard solutions with RI = 1.46 solution available on request.

EasyIndex is ideal for index-matching multiple tissue types, immunolabeled tissues, and specimens cleared with aqueous methods like SHIELD or CLARITY.

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