EasyIndex bottles

Pre-formulated RI-matching solution with the best clearing effect.

Our 500-mL bottle can be used for up to 12 whole mouse brains, or 200+ 1 mm-thick tissue sections. EasyIndex is the most economical option, guaranteeing best refractive index matching results (RI = 1.52 standard; RI = 1.46 available on request). Intact tissues are rendered optically transparent and are optimally prepared for volumetric imaging with SmartSPIM or other microscopes.

Ideal for optical clearing of:

Download the protocol below to learn more about the entire LifeCanvas tissue processing system, including refractive index matching with EasyIndex.

Cleared and RI-matched tissue types from our laboratory

Cleared (delipidated) tissues will appear translucent, while cleared and refractive index-matched tissues will appear transparent.

Removal of lipid molecules and refractive index matching allows light to pass unhindered through the sample during microscopy, producing sharp, informative images even in regions deep within the tissue. 

Mouse brain graphic showing optimal light penetration after SHIELD, clearing, and RI matching