The most versatile & precise vibrating microtome

Megatome is here to revolutionize tissue sectioning with accurate high-frequency slicing of the largest range of sample sizes and types on the market. From organoids and tumors, all the way through expanded tissues, sample arrays, and intact primate organs, Megatome is optimized for numerous applications.

Innovative blade vibration amplification and deflection control technologies enable high-speed, high-precision sectioning with uniform thickness, and minimal tissue loss and distortion. User-friendly features like mounting accessories, remote desktop control, and close-up cameras make sectioning even easier.

Uniformly section large tissues & sample arrays

Megatome is the only instrument for vibratory sectioning of samples as large as intact nonhuman primate and human organs, making it invaluable for fields such as neuropathology.

Mounting accessories and automated serial slicing enable easy high-throughput sectioning of arrays of samples such as organoids, biopsy samples, tumors, rodent brains, and more.

Precision sectioning, no matter the sample thickness

Quickly obtain sections as thin or thick as your application requires, without worrying about losing or distorting valuable tissue samples. Megatome is designed for accuracy: the blade vibrates at a higher frequency and larger amplitude range than other microtomes, and features a unique deflection control mechanism.

Maximum sample size
(height x length x width)
Blade Vibration Operating Speed Blade Deflection Control
Standard: 35 x 35 x 50 mm
Advanced: 75 x 100 x 80 mm
Premium: 200 x 200 x 110 mm
Frequency: 140 Hz
Amplitude: Up to 4 mm
Sectioning: Up to 4 mm/s
Return: 5 mm/s