Our next generation ultrafast turn-key system for batch clearing and labeling.

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Rapid & Multi-Functional

Switches between clearing and labeling modes simply by changing buffers. Clears or labels 12 mouse brains or comparably sized samples in 1 day. Compatible with different tissue types and large intact samples.


Capable of actively clearing or labeling up to 12 whole mouse brains, 2 whole rat brains, or comparably sized samples per batch. Provides consistency for multiple treatment groups.

Uniform Labeling

Leverages eFLASH technology, combining stochastic electrotransport and SWITCH to uniformly label whole organs from surface to core. Enables antibody diffusion without surface saturation throughout intact volumes.


Uses 4-20 μg of antibody per target to label a sample the size of a whole mouse brain. Clearing buffers last up to 1 week, enabling continuous batch clearing without changing reagents.

Anti-NeuN comparison for 1 whole mouse brain:

  • Passive labeling: 150 μg
  • Active labeling with SmartBatch+: 10 ug

Preserves Sample Integrity

Stochastic electrotransport combined with SHIELD preserves molecular and physical architecture through all tissue processing steps, and there is no tissue expansion after clearing.