Electrophoretic tissue clearing & immunolabeling

Combine active tissue clearing and immunolabeling into one high-throughput device! Our easy-to-use system allows you to switch between clearing and labeling modes simply by changing buffers. SmartBatch+ is compatible with different tissue types and large intact samples.

An advance on our founder’s CLARITY tissue clearing method, Clear+ provides maximum optical transparency with no tissue expansion or contraction. In immunolabeling mode, eFLASH and patented SE technologies uniformly label whole organs. Unlike other tissue clearing methods like iDISCO and CUBIC, SmartBatch+ actively preserves fluorescent protein signal.

Consistent histological data

SmartBatch+ actively clears and labels up to 12 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples in as little as one day, and 2 whole rat brains in just 3-4 days! This provides unparalleled consistency for multiple treatment groups. Its small footprint also allows ample space for multiple devices.

High quality sample integrity for 3D imaging

SmartBatch+ combined with SHIELD tissue preservation protects fluorescent protein signal, antigenicity, and molecular and physical architecture through all tissue processing steps. Clear+ is currently the only tissue clearing technique that preserves sample morphology. This ensures your samples will produce information-rich images.

Fast, cost-effective clearing & immunolabeling

Use just 4-20 μg of antibody per target to label a sample the size of a whole mouse brain — up to an order of magnitude less than passive staining. Save hundreds of dollars per sample per antibody, in primary antibody alone! SmartBatch+’s turnkey design is also labor-efficient, requiring <12 mins hands-on time per sample to clear and label.

Batch-immunolabeled mouse brains.