Custom Services

Customized whole organ mapping

Using our 3D histology platforms, we offer researchers the capacity for whole-organ molecular phenotyping to derive unbiased and illuminating data. Our versatile methods can be employed to map multiple targets, including specific cell types (e.g. neurons, glia), nuclei, and vasculature. We can also process various organ or sample types using tissue-specific markers.

Header: Mouse duodenum perfused with lectin (red) and immunolabeled with anti-Olfm4 (cyan). Sample courtesy of Dr. Chaudhry, Icahn School of Medicine. Right: TH expression in intact mouse brain hemisphere.

Full service tissue processing

Upon receiving your tissue samples, LifeCanvas technicians:

  • Prepare samples with SHIELD to preserve tissue integrity and antigenicity
  • Actively clear and immunolabel samples with your selected antibodies or dyes using SmartBatch+
  • Index-match samples with EasyIndex
  • Acquire volumetric light sheet images of samples with SmartSPIM

From tissue samples to publishable data

You send us: PFA-fixed samples from your experimental animals

Based on your needs, we can provide:

  • Immunolabeling for multiple neuroscience-specific markers (e.g. PV, NeuN, GFAP, IBA1, TH, ChAT, MBP) or tissue-specific targets in other organs
  • Nuclei and vasculature staining in all tissue types
  • Full processing and imaging for diverse tissues, including: spinal cord, kidney, liver, heart, lung, intestine, organoids, tumors