High-resolution light sheet microscopy
for a wide range of applications

MegaSPIM is a highly flexible imaging system designed to rapidly acquire high-resolution data from a variety of tissue types, including: thin sections, cleared thick sections of human or nonhuman primate organs, and arrays of smaller cleared samples such as whole rodent organs or organoids. We offer custom mounting solutions for all of these tissues and more.

After image acquisition, our streamlined post-processing pipeline facilitates destriping, deskewing, and stitching large data sets. Easily create complete 3D image sets that are ready for analysis.

Designed for speed and versatility

Easily scan through your tissues and transform raw images into complete 3D stacks ready for viewing and analysis. With dual camera acquisition, efficiently generating high-quality data from multiple or larger samples has never been easier.

High-throughput volumetric imaging

MegaSPIM uses patented axial sweeping technology to capture images with uniform axial resolution across the entire field of view. Long working-distance objectives positioned at 45 degrees above the sample plane allow imaging of samples as laterally large as the travel range of the stage. The 1.8X large FOV objective can image depths over 5 mm.

Right: 7.8 x 7.4 x 5.2 mm volume acquired with 1.8X objective in 3 minutes

Technical specifications

More than a microscope – a complete solution

Tissue Processing

Prepare samples with tools for preservation, clearing, labeling, & sectioning.

Light Sheet Imaging

Acquire spatially informative images with innovative microscopy techniques.

Image Analysis

Generate publication-quality data with robust analysis tools.