Exceptional tissue preservation

Published by Park et al. in Nature Biotechnology 2018, our SHIELD reagent safeguards endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity, nucleic acids, and overall tissue architecture against physical and chemical stressors. The SHIELD method also protects tissue during fluorescent protein imaging and antibody labeling across multiple rounds.

Compatible with:

Left: GFP+ motor cortical neurons, courtesy of Prof. Byungkook Lim’s lab, UCSD. Right: RFP+ spinal cord cells, courtesy of Prof. Helen Lai’s lab, UT Southwestern. Both imaged with SmartSPIM.

Quick & easy protocol

Our streamlined SHIELD protocol preserves samples in 4-6 days without the variability of tissue embedding via hydrogel or paraffin. Reagents are non-toxic and can be easily disposed of after use.

Two kit sizes

250 mL: Preserves 12 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples.

  • 250 mL SHIELD Epoxy
  • 125 mL SHIELD Buffer
  • 250 mL SHIELD ON

500 mL: Preserves 25 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples.

  • 500 mL SHIELD Epoxy
  • 250 mL SHIELD Buffer
  • 500 mL SHIELD ON

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