Rapid and strikingly uniform immunostaining

SmartLabel labels large intact samples an order of magnitude faster than passive labeling (≤ 24 hours vs. weeks to months). Our labeling technology achieves unparalleled uniformity of signal intensity from surface to core, and our patent-pending nanoporous membranes eliminate tissue contamination and probe loss.

Easy and cost-effective

To use SmartLabel, simply load the buffers, your sample, and probes. Our system can perform 2 distinct labeling experiments simultaneously thanks to its dual chamber design

SmartLabel uses as little as 3 µg of antibody to label tissues the size of a whole mouse brain and prevents antibody depletion caused by excessive binding to superficial tissue sites.

Highly compatible

SmartLabel works with many tissue preservation techniques which avoid the loss of endogenous fluorescence and tissue shrinkage present in organic solvent-based clearing methods, including:

Rapid tissue clearing can be achieved with SmartBatch+ or SmartClear II Pro.

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