Tissue Clearing Services

Customized intact tissue clearing

LifeCanvas can clear and image whole organs with endogenous fluorescent reporters (e.g. GFP, YFP, RFPs) tagging select cells and processes. High-throughput, electrophoretic tissue clearing with SmartBatch+ ensures preservation of fluorescent signal, sample integrity, and experimental consistency.

Header: tdTomato labeling of a mouse spinal cord cell-type. Sample courtesy of Dr. Helen Lai, UT Southwestern. Right: GFP+ motor cortical neurons projecting to striatum via rabies virus expressing eGFP. Sample courtesy of Dr. Byungkook Lim, UCSD.

Full service tissue processing

Upon receiving your samples, LifeCanvas technicians:

  • Prepare them with SHIELD to preserve tissue integrity and endogenous fluorescence
  • Actively clear them using SmartBatch+
  • Index-match with EasyIndex
  • Acquire volumetric light sheet images with SmartSPIM
  • Analyze post-processed images with SmartAnalytics to derive cell counts, densities, heat maps, and graphical outputs

From tissue samples to publishable data

You send us: PFA-fixed samples from your experimental animals

Based on your needs, we can provide:

  • Mapping of endogenous fluorescent reporters throughout tissue volumes
  • Full processing and imaging for diverse tissue types, including: spinal cord, kidney, liver, heart, lung, intestine, organoids, tumors

Endogenous Thy1-driven YFP expression in an adult mouse brain. Sample courtesy of Dr. G. Allan Johnson, Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy.

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