LifeCanvas Technologies is committed to providing sample-to-answer solutions in tissue processing with our products and services to significantly improve and expedite research in deciphering complex biological systems.

The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough tools that enable three-dimensional investigation of a tissue’s molecular and structural information through rapid clearing and immunostaining while preserving key tissue architecture, subcellular details, and long-range connections. Our mission is to fast-track advancements in life sciences to improve human health.

LifeCanvas Technologies is founded by researchers and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sample to Answer

We provide a holistic tissue processing pipeline from sample preservation, clearing, labeling to imaging with support and guidance throughout the entire journey

Explore Life in 3D

Our revolutionary tissue processing solutions enable scientists to study biological tissues in unprecedented speed, depth and quality

For Scientists, By Scientists​

Our novel technologies are invented and used by researchers who understand your needs and goals

Whole Organ Tissue Processing System