Contract Research Services

Our Mission

Founded by CLARITY (Nature, 2013), SWITCH (Cell, 2015), and SHIELD (Nature Biotechnology, 2019) inventors from MIT and located in Cambridge, MA, LifeCanvas Technologies develops and offers as services a full suite of research tools for tissue clearing, labeling, and volumetric imaging of intact organs such as the brain. We are excited to show the biomedical research community the power of our whole-sample analysis methods, which provide greater value and richer information content versus traditional thin-section techniques, all at a competitive price.

Our Services

We offer a Full-Service package that replaces embedding, destructive sectioning, staining, and serial imaging of thin tissue slices with a streamlined approach using intact organ samples that offers greater flexibility and requires less hands-on time. With the LifeCanvas pipeline of proprietary technologies, take advantage of whole-sample methods to:


1. Reduce processing work and view samples in multiple anatomical planes

2. Localize regions of interest more confidently by visualizing organ-sized datasets that provide greater context

3. Acquire data on all sample regions in parallel, facilitating analyses that are more quantitatively robust to be performed

4. Explore fertile ground where novel and unexpected discoveries can take place


To learn more about the advantages of whole-sample analysis, please read our blog post “Why use intact samples for your research?”


We are happy to now offer prospective customers the opportunity to evaluate our services with a sample of their own, free of charge*.


*Conditions apply, as detailed in the Information Intake form linked via the “Sign up for a Free Trial of our Tissue Processing Service” button above.