Tissue Clearing & Labeling

We now offer active tissue clearing and antibody labeling in one high-throughput device! SmartBatch+ switches between clearing and labeling modes simply by changing buffers, and processes 12 whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples per batch. Leveraging our new Clear+ tissue clearing method, eFLASH, and patented stochastic electrotransport technology, SmartBatch+ rapidly clears and uniformly labels whole organs with no change in tissue morphology and no surface saturation.

Our legacy active tissue clearing system employs a patented stochastic electrotransport mechanism to foster rapid delivery of detergent SDS into tissues, facilitating uniform removal of light-scattering membrane lipids. SmartClear ensures homogenous delipidation while preventing black particle formation, all with economic and user-friendly Clear+ buffers that last up to 10 days.

By combining our patented stochastic electrotransport method with SWITCH, our legacy active immunolabeling system achieves uniform whole-organ antibody labeling from surface to core. Compared to passive labeling techniques such as iDISCO and CUBIC, SmartLabel provides superior penetration and uniformity of signal in just 1-2 days, allowing you to visualize proteins deep within the organ and study the fine-scale topography of cells.