Tissue Clearing & Labeling

Our new Clear+ tissue clearing technique is the only method that delipidates samples with no change in morphology and with minimal impact on structural integrity. Fully delipidate whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples in just one day with SmartBatch+, or in one week with our passive clearing kit.

This turn-key system combines electrophoretic tissue clearing and immunolabeling into one high-throughput device. Leverage the Clear+ tissue clearing method, along with eFLASH and patented stochastic electrotransport technologies, to rapidly clear and label whole organs. Key highlights and features include:

  • Batch processing of up to 12 whole mouse brains, 4 whole rat brains, or comparably sized samples
  • Uniform labeling with no surface saturation of antibodies or dyes, and minimal antibody usage
  • No immunolabeling necessary for endogenous fluorescence (no fluorescent protein quenching)
  • 1-day active tissue clearing, 2-day active immunolabeling (primary & secondary)

This legacy active tissue clearing system employs patented stochastic electrotransport technology to rapidly and uniformly remove light-scattering membrane lipids. SmartClear uses the Clear+ tissue clearing method and prevents sample deformation and precipitate formation.

This legacy active immunolabeling system achieves uniform whole-organ antibody labeling by combining our patented stochastic electrotransport method with SWITCH. Compared to passive labeling techniques such as iDISCO and CUBIC, SmartLabel provides superior penetration and uniformity of probes in just 1-2 days.