SmartClear II Pro

Active tissue clearing made easy

SmartClear II Pro is ready-to-use, an order of magnitude faster than passive clearing, and provides optimal imaging and staining quality. Our SmartClear system effectively delipidates for best antibody diffusion and minimal light scatter, and ensures maximum preservation of fluorescent protein signals with optimized buffers that maintain pH.

Patent-pending nanoporous membranes prevent common issues including tissue damage, contamination, browning, black precipitates, and deformation.


Efficient and cost-effective

SmartClear II Pro can clear 4 whole mouse brains, 2 rat brains, or similarly sized samples simultaneously. Its customizable larger chamber enables clearing of various sample types and sizes to suit your needs.

Our Clear+ tissue clearing buffer set maximizes optical transparency, minimizes clearing time, and lasts ~10 days without losing efficacy. Plus, there is no tissue shrinkage or expansion!

Highly compatible

SmartClear II Pro works with many tissue preservation techniques which avoid the loss of endogenous fluorescence and tissue shrinkage present in organic solvent-based methods. The SmartClear system is compatible with:

Uniform, rapid intact tissue staining can then be achieved SmartBatch+ or SmartLabel.

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