c-FOS+ cells in intact mouse brain

c-FOS expression is an indicator of recent neural cell activity, making the detection of c-FOS+ cells a high priority for many neuroscientists. This image stack captures the hippocampus and cortex in the transverse plane of an intact mouse brain stained with anti-c-FOS. These images were acquired with SmartSPIM at 3.6X magnification and 4 µm z-step. 

But ultimately, quantification is key. To complete the end-to-end tissue processing pipeline, LifeCanvas has developed SmartAnalytics, a powerful machine learning analysis tool designed for large 3D datasets. SmartAnalytics currently offers:

  • Atlas alignment
  • Cell detection
  • Fluorescence intensity quantification

and there are more applications being developed all the time! Submit a Service Request form or schedule a consultation with one of our lead scientists to learn more about this technology.

Heat map of c-FOS immunostaining cell detection in mouse brain hemisphere
Bar graph of c-FOS cell density by brain region

Left: Heatmap of cell density by region in mouse brain hemisphere stained with anti-c-FOS, generated with SmartAnalytics. Right: Histogram of cell density by region in same c-FOS stained hemisphere, generated by SmartAnalytics.  

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