Tissue Clearing

SmartClear II device with open lid

Our active clearing system employs a patent-pending stochastic electrotransport (PNAS 2015) mechanism to foster rapid delivery of detergent SDS into tissues, facilitating uniform removal of light-scattering membrane lipids. Via a rotational electric field, the tissue is cleared without any damage or deformation while ensuring preservation of endogenous fluorescence proteins.

Why choose SmartClear II Pro?

SmartClear II Pro is compatible with tissue samples preserved with SHIELD, SWITCH, and other techniques. These methods avoid the loss of endogenous fluorescence and tissue shrinkage present in organic solvent-based clearing methods like BABB, iDisco, uDisco, 3DISCO, and vDISCO. Compared to passive clearing methods, SmartClear II Pro offers orders of magnitude faster clearing with an easy-to-use interface to increase clearing throughput. We have continuously improved upon the original electrophoretic clearing design, introducing stochastic electrotransport and a dual buffer-membrane system. These improvements ensure homogenous delipidation while preventing black particle formation, all with economic and user-friendly buffers that last up to 10 days.

EasyClear device

This all-in-one tissue processing system is ideal for lipid removal and optical tissue clearing steps in SHIELD, as well as buffer washing and tissue staining. Fast and cost-effective, EasyClear has temperature, shaking speed, and shaking angle control, and can hold 10 sample tubes at once.

New to tissue clearing? Don’t worry — we have a versatile, simple, and reliable Passive Clearing Kit that includes everything you need! The bundle includes all the ready-made solutions to preserve, clear, and index-match your samples with ease for 3D imaging and analysis.