SmartClear II Pro System Buffers

SmartClear tissue clearing buffers

Save Time, Money, Samples, and the Earth

Our 2nd-generation buffers allow you to process up to 8 mouse brain hemispheres (or equivalent size samples) simultaneously, or 24 samples over the span of 10 days. In addition, our buffer system prevents tissue browning, bubble formation, and tissue damage. Save substantial time, money, and samples while simultaneously protecting the environment!

  • Clear up to 8 samples simultaneously
  • Active clearing is an order of magnitude faster than passive clearing
  • Buffers are effective for 10 days of continuous clearing
  • Buffers can be safely discarded down the drain
  • Compatible with SmartClear II Pro and all previous SmartClear generations

Download the protocol below to learn more about the entire LifeCanvas tissue processing system, including active clearing with SmartClear II Pro.

SDS monomers rupture cell membrane and form micelles to facilitate tissue clearing

How do detergents dissolve lipid membranes?

As explained in several of our blogs, delipidation is a critical step in the tissue clearing process. Some form of lipid removal is present in almost all of the most popular clearing techniques, including CLARITY, iDISCO, SHIELD, and CUBIC. In the case of SHIELD and our technologies, the detergent Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) is used to dissolve the lipids

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