3D Phenotyping with the SmartSPIM Light Sheet Microscope

After tissue clearing and (optional) labeling, intact tissue needs to be index-matched with EasyIndex refractive index-matching solution. Afterwards, tissues will appear fully transparent and ready for imaging using the SmartSPIM light sheet microscope. To complete your workflow, LifeCanvas Technologies offers SmartAnalytics – a powerful machine learning analysis tool, specially designed for large 3D datasets. This… Continue reading 3D Phenotyping with the SmartSPIM Light Sheet Microscope

How to create accurate training data for cell classification algorithms

Creating high-quality training data is a critical step when designing algorithms to detect and classify cells. Training data are example data points that are used to develop an algorithm. For example: a set of images, each of which might or might not contain a cell, plus human-generated tags indicating whether each image actually contains a cell.