iDISCO vs. SmartBatch+ Workflow

Still using iDISCO?

A highly streamlined workflow distinguishes SmartBatch+ tissue clearing and labeling from homebrew approaches like iDISCO. SmartBatch+ allows you to process batches of up to 12 mouse brains in as little as 1 week with only 15 minutes of hands-on time per sample.

Forget dehydration and rehydration series

The SmartBatch+ workflow consists of all-aqueous reagents, avoiding time-consuming and laborious dehydration and rehydration steps.

Label-free endogenous fluorescence

Fluorescent proteins that would typically be quenched by iDISCO solvents are instead preserved with SHIELD. Consequently, with SmartBatch+, immunolabeling is not strictly necessary to visualize fluorescent proteins.

Explore a rainbow of clear, vivid endogenously-tagged fluorophores in various sample and tissue types with our highly compatible tissue clearing technology. Effectively process spine, liver, lung, skin, and much more.

Fast, uniform immunolabeling

Where immunolabeling is required, SmartBatch+ leverages stochastic electrotransport technology to enable rapid labeling of large samples. Whole rat brains can be labeled in 2-3 days in contrast to the several months required with passive techniques like iDISCO.

Unlike iDISCO labeling, SmartBatch+ also ensures that targets are uniformly labelled throughout the sample. We are constantly validating antibodies for popular targets related to neuroscience, cancer, development, and disease.

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