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Figure 1. SHIELD cross-links biological samples.
Tissue Preservation
Optical Clearing
Light Sheet Imaging
3D Image Analysis

Optimized tissue processing products

SHIELD ensures superior tissue preservation, our Clear+ active and passive tissue clearing methods combined with EasyIndex provide easy and effective optical clearing, and our active immunolabeling technologies produce uniform, high quality tissue staining that rival traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC).                       

Leverage the full power of our pipeline by using these reagents with our user-friendly devices. Process preserved intact samples with SmartBatch+, the only system on the market to perform active batch tissue clearing and labeling. Image your perfectly cleared samples with our light sheet microscope SmartSPIM and analyze your results with our SmartAnalytics workstation to produce stunning publication-quality data.

Streamlined whole organ mapping

Experience the potential of owning our complete workflow: our CRO services give you access to extensive, in-house expertise in tissue processing and integrated image analysis methods to radically improve your science and expedite discoveries.                   

We offer solutions for research projects from neuroscience — including cFOS neural activity mapping and neurological disease phenotyping — to other mammalian systems including spinal cord, heart, intestine, kidney, and vasculature. Our versatile methods can be applied to explore endogenous fluorescence and a variety of stains and biomarkers in unique tissue types such as tumors and organoids.

Start accelerating your research today:

Clear+: Our new tissue clearing technology

While developing our next generation batch clearing and labeling device SmartBatch+, we also made significant improvements to tissue delipidation techniques: learn about how our new, rapid clearing method maximizes optical transparency with no tissue expansion, and request a sample!

3D tissue molecular phenotyping with the SmartSPIM microscope

How should you prepare intact tissues for light sheet imaging and molecular phenotyping? Dr. Kit-Yi Yam's latest blog discusses the last few steps of our tissue processing pipeline: RI-matching with EasyIndex, imaging with SmartSPIM, and creating publication-quality analysis outputs with SmartAnalytics.

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