Our devices and contract research services enable processing biological tissue faster than any other technique 

while preserving key tissue architecture, subcellular details and long-range connections. 

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What Our Customers Say

Rusty Nicovich, Ph.D.

Allen Institute

A favorite feature is the ease of use and reliability of the units. All tested specimens worked with no extra optimization or trials on our end. Thin slices of mouse brain were cleared in a matter of a few hours compared to our tests with passive clearing, which took close to a week on the same specimens and produced inferior results with more damage to the tissue. The support from LifeCanvas has been excellent. We had plenty of assistance and guidance available. I would happily recommend the SmartClear system for researchers working in fluorescence microscopy in brain tissues.

Thomas Cleland, Ph.D.

Cornell University

The killer application of optically clearing tissue samples is, for us, that it enables high-throughput study of learning-induced gene expression patterns in the brain. The SmartClear II Pro has made this possible in practice by being well-designed, reliable, and easy to fit into our workflow. The unit clears our mouse hemibrains effectively and rapidly, without browning, and LifeCanvas technical support has been very responsive both regarding the units themselves and in discussing best practices for tissue clearing and sample preparation. I am happy to recommend both LifeCanvas and their products to other scientists with similar needs.

Yosef Addadi, Ph.D.

Weizmann Institute
of Science

As an imaging unit that serves a variety of users and applications, one of the best features of this system is that it relies on a simple design, which makes it friendly and suitable for independent use. In addition, the ability to set customized operating parameters makes the system useful in clearing various samples. Unlike other methods that require constant optimization and monitoring, the SmartClear II Pro System allows easy monitoring and documentation of clearing conditions with reproducible results. We would recommend this system for both independent researchers as well as for institutional facilities due to its flexibility, ease of use and the excellent support by LifeCanvas.

Sadaf Kalam

University of Sydney

The SmartClear Pro is a quick and efficient way to clear various types of tissue, with little to no optimisation required. This system has cleared many mouse and rat organs that include whole brain, liver, uterus horns, kidney, intestine, skin, tongue, heart, pancreas, spleen and has the potential to do many others. The clearing process itself took a few hours to 76 hrs max depending on the tissue, which is far superior than weeks and months of passive clearing required to clear these samples, otherwise. Help was also always provided when required by LifeCanvas, and we would highly recommend this product to researcher looking to image large tissue samples.

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