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Tissue Preservation
Optical Clearing
Light Sheet Imaging
3D Image Analysis

Astrocytes marked by GFAP (magenta) cluster around β-amyloid plaques (cyan) in brain of 7-month-old homozygous ARTE10 male mouse (model #16347) from Taconic Biosciences.

Tissue preparation for 3D histology & imaging

The LifeCanvas portfolio is optimized for whole organs and multi-sample processing to simplify your research workflow and improve your data outputs. SHIELD tissue preservation, combined with Clear+ and EasyIndex tissue clearing, ensure conservation of molecular information and safe removal of light-scattering lipids.

Sleek and easy to use, SmartBatch+ is the only system of its kind: high-throughput processing combined with electrophoretic tissue clearing and immunolabeling functions make it an asset to any laboratory.

Light sheet microscope with unmatched acquisition speed & axial resolution

The SmartSPIM light sheet microscope is designed for high speed, high resolution volumetric imaging. Image an intact mouse brain hemisphere or comparably sized sample in <30 minutes, while maintaining uniform axial resolution throughout the field of view.

SmartSPIM’s large imaging chamber with dual illumination enables multi-sample acquisition and accommodates tissues from organoids, to rat brains, to entire juvenile mice. The microscope’s modular design allows you to upgrade individual parts and tailor the system to your needs.

Thy1-driven YFP expression visualized throughout adult mouse brain. Sample courtesy of Dr. G. Allan Johnson, Duke University Center for In Vivo Microscopy.

Whole organ mapping services

Send in your PFA-fixed samples and gain access to these innovative tools along with LifeCanvas’ extensive expertise in tissue processing, imaging, and analysis. Explore endogenous fluorescence and a variety of stains and biomarkers in many tissue and sample types, including: brain, spinal cord, kidney, lung, liver, tumors, and organoids.

Neuroscience researchers can leverage LifeCanvas’ robust brain mapping pipeline, including full-service studies of cFOS expression and neurodegenerative disease phenotypes.

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LifeCanvas Portraits:
Dr. Erin Hisey

Dr. Erin Hisey, a postdoctoral fellow in the Ressler lab at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, talked to us about her research on the neurocircuitry of social defeat and avoidance behaviors in mice. Learn more about Dr. Hisey's work and how LifeCanvas' whole-brain c-FOS mapping services provide unbiased insights for her studies.

LifeCanvas Portraits:
Dr. Yongsoo Kim

We spoke to Dr. Yongsoo Kim of Penn State University about his ongoing efforts to create a 3D developmental mouse brain atlas, as well as mapping oxytocin wiring (Son et al. 2022), the importance of understanding neurovasculature, and more. Learn how SmartSPIM and the LifeCanvas pipeline enable the Kim Lab's pioneering work.

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