SmartClear II

The All New Active Clearing System 

Powered by patent-pending Stochastic Electrotransport (Kim et al, PNAS, 2015) technology.

SmartClear II is ideal for:

  • Clearing CLARITY (Nature, 2013), SWITCH (Cell, 2015), MAP (Nature Biotechnology, 2016) samples.

Clear fast with no tissue damage 

Fast, Easy, and Reliable

  • Fast & Easy: Orders of magnitude faster than passive clearing. Our ready-to-use technologies bring plug-and-play options and minimum maintenance to clearing.
  • Reliable: Safe tissue clearing with stochastic electrotransport technology. No tissue contamination, tissue browning, black gunk formation or tissue deformation.

Perfect Clearing with Maximal Preservation of Fluorescent Protein (FP) Signal

  • Optical Clarity: Minimum light scatter. Removes lipid best for best antibody diffusion. Optimal imaging and staining quality by completely removing lipids. Perfectly compatible with SmartLabel, our rapid staining system for intact samples.

Cost-Effective Active Clearing

  • Cost-effective and Eco-friendly: New-generation buffer can be used for up to 10 samples and last up to 10 days without loss of its clearing power.

Applicable to Various Samples

  • Can clear samples of various types and size including most organs.

Clearing Buffer

  • Optimized for tissue clearing
  • Long life time (up to 10 days)
  • Eco-Friendly

Optical Clearing Solution (RI=1.46)

  • Formulated for best performance with CLARITY, SWITCH, and MAP
  • Cost-effective and convenient