Tissue processing like never before.

The Active Antibody Immunostaining Device
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The Ultimate Antibody Immunostaining Device

Why SmartLabel?

  • Unprecedented speed
  • Unparalled staining quality
  • Multiple-round relabeling
  • No tissue damage
  • Cost-efficient

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Fast and Effective Tissue Processing

Our devices process biological tissue faster than any other technique 

while preserving key tissue architecture, subcellular details and long-range connections. 


Tissue Gel Hybridization System

  • Fast and cost-effective
  • Integrated temperature control (20-50°C)
  • All-in-one system (house vacuum)
  • 8 samples at once

SmartClear II Pro

The All-New Active Tissue Clearing System

  • Fully automated all-in-one turnkey system
  • Easy, fast, and reliable
  • Maximum preservation of fluorescent protein (FP) signals
  • No tissue damage or contamination
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly

Based on patent-pending stochastic electrotransport technology developed at MIT (Kim et al., PNAS, 2015).


All-in-One Passive
Tissue Processing System

  • Fast and cost-effective
  • Wide temperature control (20-90°C)
  • Shaking speed control (0-60rpm)
  • Shaking angle control (0-22°)
  • Use less buffer
  • 10 sample tubes at once

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Rusty Nicovich, Ph.D.

Allen Institute

What Our Customers Say

A favorite feature is the ease of use and reliability of the units. All tested specimens worked with no extra optimization or trials on our end. Thin slices of mouse brain were cleared in a matter of a few hours compared to our tests with passive clearing, which took close to a week on the same specimens and produced inferior results with more damage to the tissue. The support from LifeCanvas has been excellent. We had plenty of assistance and guidance available. I would happily recommend the SmartClear system for researchers working in fluorescence microscopy in brain tissues.

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