Sample Preparation

SHIELD reagent bottles

Tissue Preservation

Our novel SHIELD tissue preservation technique forms intramolecular bonds using polyfunctional, flexible epoxides to stabilize tissue architecture and safeguard the sample’s endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity and nucleic acids. SHIELD avoids the variability of hydrogel embedding and the information loss from PFA preservation, protecting specimens for multiple rounds of processing.

Tissue Clearing Buffers

Tissue Clearing & Labeling

Our new Clear+ tissue clearing technique is the only method that delipidates samples with no change in morphology and with minimal impact on structural integrity. Fully delipidate whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples in just one day with SmartBatch+, or in one week with our passive clearing kit.


Our turn-key SmartBatch+ system combines electrophoretic tissue clearing and immunolabeling into one high-throughput device. Leverage the Clear+ tissue clearing method, along with eFLASH and patented stochastic electrotransport technologies, to rapidly clear and label whole organs. Key highlights and features include:

  • Batch processing of up to 12 whole mouse brains, 4 whole rat brains, or comparably sized samples
  • Uniform labeling with no surface saturation of antibodies or dyes, and minimal antibody usage
  • No immunolabeling necessary for endogenous fluorescence (no fluorescent protein quenching)
  • 1-day active tissue clearing, 2-day active immunolabeling (primary & secondary)
EasyIndex bottle

Our preformulated EasyIndex solution raises and homogenize the refractive index of delipidated tissue samples, rendering them fully transparent. This enables light penetration into the sample and ensures the acquisition of high-resolution, in-focus image data.


Tissue Sectioning

Megatome is a vibrating microtome designed to section a broad range of samples, from organoids and biopsy samples to expanded rodent brains and intact human organs. With high blade vibrating frequency and minimized blade deflection, Megatome enables high-throughput tissue sectioning with uniform surface profile, as well as minimal tissue damage and information loss. Additional features include mounting accessories, remote desktop control, and close-up cameras to facilitate the sectioning process.