Tissue Preservation

Quality data acquisition requires getting the first step right. Our novel SHIELD tissue preservation technique forms intramolecular bonds using polyfunctional, flexible epoxides to stabilize tissue architecture and safeguard the sample’s endogenous fluorescence, protein antigenicity and nucleic acids. SHIELD avoids the variability of hydrogel embedding and the information loss from PFA preservation, protecting specimens for multi-rounds of processing.

Tissue Clearing

Our new Clear+ tissue clearing technique is the only method that delipidates samples with no change in morphology and with minimal impact on structural integrity. Fully delipidate whole mouse brains or comparably sized samples in just one day with SmartBatch+, or in one week with our passive clearing kit.

Index Matching

Incubate your cleared, optionally labelled specimens in EasyIndex to raise and homogenize their refractive index and turn them fully transparent. This enables light penetration into the sample and ensures the acquisition of focused images of the highest resolution.