LifeCanvas Technologies at NSH 2023

Picture of Chris Tsang, Ph.D.

Chris Tsang, Ph.D.

Senior Field Applications Scientist

Picture of Nicole So

Nicole So

Research Associate

Come talk to our scientists about our end-to-end solutions for generating unbiased 3D data from a variety of tissue types! LifeCanvas tools enable rapid tissue clearing and immunolabeling of whole organs, while preserving key molecular features and sample integrity. 

Our SmartBatch+ histology workflow is the fastest and easiest way to consistently process batches of samples as large as whole rat organs. Leveraging our patented stochastic electrotransport technology, SmartBatch+ processes intact samples in as little as 1 day, while achieving unparalleled labeling uniformity. Our SHIELD and Clear+ techniques protect endogenous fluorescent proteins, foregoing the need for labeling endogenous fluorophores.

Working with larger samples that require sectioning? Megatome is the only precision sectioning tool capable of handling human and other primate-sized tissues. With its large sample chamber, Megatome can also accurately slice arrays of smaller samples like tumors, organoids, and rodent tissue. Combining cutting-edge technologies like blade deflection control and high-frequency blade vibration with custom sample mounting solutions, Megatome is the most advanced and versatile sectioning instrument available.

From neuroscience to regenerative medicine and beyond, we have an optimized pipeline for your application.

We hope to see you there!