LifeCanvas Technologies at LSFM 2023

Jeffrey Stirman, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Stirman, Ph.D.

Director of Imaging

Brian Nguyen, Ph.D.

Brian Nguyen, Ph.D.

Principal Engineer

Nicholas Evans

Nicholas Evans

Senior Microscope Engineer

Experience our end-to-end pipeline, from streamlined tissue processing to unbiased analysis outputs! LifeCanvas scientists will walk you through hands-on demos of our latest technologies for 3D histology, light sheet imaging, precision tissue sectioning, and AI-powered data analysis. Our integrated tools and protocols are designed to adapt to many research applications, from neurocience to cancer and beyond. Come discuss your project with us and learn how you can simplify your workflows and improve your data ouputs!

Try out our complete pipeline:

SmartBatch+ uses a patented electrophoresis technique to enable high-throughput tissue clearing and labeling of intact samples in as little as one day.

SmartBatch+ with lid closed

SmartSPIM leverages patented axial sweeping technology to rapidly acquire high-resolution 3D image data of whole samples from organoids to entire juvenile mice.

MegaSPIM uses the same innovative axial sweeping method to generate high-resolution 3D datasets from an unparalleled range of samples, from organoid arrays to human brain samples.

MegaSPIM light sheet microscope

Megatome is a high-precision vibrating microtome with the unmatched capacity to uniformly section samples ranging from tumor arrays to human organs.


SmartAnalytics is a powerful AI-assisted workstation designed to generate unbiased outputs from SmartSPIM and MegaSPIM 3D image datasets.

Heat map showing c-FOS+ fluorescence intensity by brain region in whole mouse brain

We hope to see you there!