LifeCanvas Technologies at FBPS 2023

Picture of Zachary Woods, M.Eng.

Zachary Woods, M.Eng.

Director of Tissue Processing Products

Picture of Aman Shankardass

Aman Shankardass

Research Associate

Our scientists are excited to discuss applications of our pipeline to the study of bioactive and functional polymers for biomedicine, drug release, and tissue engineering! Our proprietary tissue preservation, clearing, and labeling methods protect the integrity of your samples and safeguard key molecular features including fluorescent proteins and antigenicity. Combined with powerful light sheet microscopy techniques and AI-assisted data analysis, LifeCanvas tools enable researchers to generate 3D biodistribution data for assessing delivery of therapeutics.

Whether you adopt our innovative workflows in your own lab, or hand off your samples to our exceptional CRO technicians, the LifeCanvas pipeline allows you to:

  • Visualize fluorescent protein distribution throughout tissues
  • Robustly label nuclei and vasculature
  • Evaluate targeted therapeutic delivery with co-localization data
  • Leverage comprehensive, interactive analysis outputs
  • and much more!

We hope to see you there!