LifeCanvas Technologies at ABRF 2023

Picture of Hsuan Lee, Ph.D.

Hsuan Lee, Ph.D.

Head of Innovation

Picture of Zachary Woods, M.Eng.

Zachary Woods, M.Eng.

Senior Research Engineer

Come talk to our scientists about our integrated workflows for spatial biology! Our proprietary tissue preservation, clearing, and labeling methods protect the integrity of your samples and safeguard key molecular features including fluorescent proteins and antigenicity. Combined with powerful light sheet microscopy techniques and AI-assisted data analysis, LifeCanvas tools enable researchers to generate unbiased 3D data for diverse application areas, from neuroscience to regenerative medicine and beyond.

SmartBatch+ with lid closed

We will also have our SmartBatch+ high-throughput tissue clearing and labeling device – the fastest and easiest way to consistently process batches of samples as large as whole rat organs. SmartBatch+ leverages our patented stochastic electrotransport technology to process intact samples in as little as 1 day, and achieve unparalleled uniformity in immunolabeling. Our advanced SHIELD and Clear+ techniques protect endogenous fluorescent proteins, foregoing the need for labeling endogenous fluorophores.

We hope to see you there!