Light Sheet Microscopy

With its axially-swept light sheet design, our SmartSPIM microscope provides unprecedented resolution and uniformity over a large field of view. SmartSPIM is optimized to quickly image large, cleared tissue samples, featuring a large imaging chamber, easy-to-use interface, and rapid volumetric acquisition rates.

SmartSPIM can image at magnifications from 1.63X to 22X, and easily accommodates samples up to 40mm x 75mm. Continuous focus throughout the thickness of the samples ensures quality data throughout the imaging volume, and intuitive software allows for faster data acquisition with less effort.

Quantify your results using LifeCanvas’ SmartSPIM-optimized workstation. LifeCanvas performs cell detection across the entire sample using machine learning pipelines customized and optimized for 3D fluorescent microscopy images. Generate detailed analysis outputs: visualize your effects with our publication-quality heatmaps, and statistically verify your experimental questions with per-brain region cell counts and densities for each sample.