SmartLabel User Resources

SmartLabel is the world’s first whole-organ active immunolabeling device, capable of labeling an entire mouse brain in just 24 hours with unparalleled uniformity and precision. This page will help you make full use of SmartLabel’s potential by guiding you through set-up procedures, experimental protocols, and frequently asked questions.

SmartLabel for First-Time Users

A guide to help get you started

LifeCanvas has developed an introductory curriculum, outlined in this document, which we have found can greatly reduce any learning curve that the device and its protocol may have for some users. The goal is for you to follow the curriculum and learn to first use SmartLabel in the context in which it has been most extensively tested to provide a firm footing for extending the technology to new applications, including diverse antibodies and new tissue preparations.

In the curriculum, you will be introduced to the various steps of the labeling pipeline. The two initial experiments include nuclear staining with SYTO16 and vasculature staining with tomato lectin. After evaluating your results with these dyes, you may proceed to antibody staining with anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase. Following the curriculum will give you experience in staining with both dyes and primary and secondary antibodies as well as the PFA post-fix step.

After completing the curriculum, you may expand your labeling experiments to include other antibodies of interest. Listed here are a number of antibodies that have been validated by LifeCanvas. If your antibody of choice is not on the list, please reach out to us at and we may be able to provide assistance with antibody validation. 

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