The Go-To Control Box

The Ultimate Controller for SmartClear II Pro and SmartLabel Modules

  • A simple touchscreen with user-friendly UI
  • Fast and easy to set up and run
  • Beginner and Expert modes give preset Gentle and Rapid Clearing settings
  • Total control of temperature, current, and voltage limits
  • Full control of sample rotation speed
SmartClear II device with open lid shown from side

SmartClear II Pro

The All-New Active Tissue Clearing System

  • Fully automated all-in-one turnkey system
  • Easy, fast, and reliable
  • Maximum preservation of fluorescent protein (FP) signal
  • No tissue damage or contamination
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
SmartLabel device for immunostaining, immunolabeling intact tissue samples


The Ultimate Antibody Immunostaining Device

  • Unprecedented speed
  • Unparalled staining quality
  • Multiple-round relabeling
  • No tissue damage
  • Cost-efficient

Based on patent-pending stochastic electrotransport technology developed at MIT (Kim et al., PNAS, 2015).