Adaptable. Powerful. Publication-ready.

The SmartAnalytics workstation and software are currently optimized for the SmartSPIM imaging system. Contact our imaging specialists or click below to learn more about LifeCanvas’ custom light sheet microscope. 

The LifeCanvas SmartAnalytics workstation is built to handle terabyte-size 3D image datasets, giving individual labs in-house control of analysis and extensive computational power without waiting in line for computing core resources or sending data to black-box analysis services.

Adaptable Detection Models

Neurological disease markers: Cell detection models for astrocytes (GFAP) and microglia (IBA1), and segmentation analyses for β-amyloid deposits (senile plaques) and α-synuclein aggregates (Lewy Bodies) provide a detailed measure of disease progression and expression and the neuroinflammatory response in murine brain.

Neural activity: Detection and mapping of cFOS+ cells in a whole mouse brain gives insight into brain regional activity levels unaffected by selection bias.

Endogenous fluorescence and more: SmartAnalytics software identifies and quantifies many types of cells, including fluorescently-tagged cells and neurons immunolabeled for NeuN, TH, PV, and more.

Easy & Accurate Atlas Alignment

Designed for minimally-experienced users. You don’t have to be a computer science or expert neuroanatomist to produce a well-aligned dataset.

Accurate alignment to the Allen Brain Atlas allows for precise cell counts and fluorescence localization measurements.

Publication-Ready Results

Generate accurate cell counts and fluorescence intensity outputs for highly granular brain regions, enabling multi-sample statistical significance testing.

Export heat maps and bar graphs directly from the software, ready to be embedded into your next grant submission, presentation, or publication.