Passive Clearing Kit

New to tissue clearing?

Try the most versatile passive clearing method there is with our simple and reliable kit that includes everything you need! The bundle includes all the ready-made solutions to preserve, clear, and index-match your samples with ease for 3-D imaging and analysis. The Passive Clearing Kit does not require the use of specialized tissue processing equipment such as the SmartClear II Pro or SmartLabel

We offer two different kit sizes:

  • 250 mL Kit: 250 mL SHIELD (preserve 8 mouse brains), 250 mL Passive Clearing Buffer, 250 mL EasyIndex
  • 500 mL Kit: 500 mL SHIELD (preserve 16 mouse brains), 500 mL Passive Clearing Buffer, 500 mL EasyIndex

Our reagents preserve fluorescent proteins, reduce autofluorescence, and optimally prepare samples for immunostaining and imaging. Download the protocol to learn more about passive tissue processing best practices.

Once you have some experience with passive clearing, drastically increase your clearing speed and sample throughput by upgrading to electrophoretic clearing with SmartClear II Pro. To learn more about the benefits of active clearing and active labeling using LifeCanvas products, refer to our blog.

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