Tissue-Gel Hybridization System

Tired of tissue gelling hiccups?

Reliable, Easy, Affordable

EasyGel is a cost-effective and reliable solution for
tissue-gel-hybridization. Independent and integrated
temperature control (20-50˚C), shaking, and air-tight
seal enable uniform and reproducible gelling of up to
8 samples simultaneously.

It will provide the consistency you need for tissue-gel-hybridization.

Reliability – Consistent and complete vacuuming or N2
purging is ensured with vacuum valves that are
connected to each sample tubes.


 Simplicity – All in one system makes designing your experiment easy with independent and integrated temperature control and shaking speed adjustments.
Cost-efficiency – You don’t need to worry about

expensive nitrogen gas tanks and high-power pumps. All
you need is a house vacuum for the device.