Multi-Purpose Sample Processing System

EasyClear device from front

EasyClear is ideal for:

  •  Lipid removal and optical tissue clearing steps in SWITCH (Cell, 2015) and MAP (NBT, 2016)
  • Tissue staining
  • Any buffer washing

Quick and Easy Solution for
Tissue Processing Workflow

Easy, Fast, Affordable

Say goodbye to bulky and expensive water baths, incubators, and shakers. The all-in-one EasyClear multi-purpose sample processing device helps you achieve your goals faster, cheaper, and easier by providing a full touch screen control for temperature (20-90°C), tilting angle (0-60°), and shaking speed (0-120 rpm) of all individual samples and batches. One EasyClear can process 10 samples simultaneously at different temperatures while keeping your sample damage free.

It’s so simple to use that tissue processing is hassle-free even for first timers.

Simplicity – Easy temperature control with touch screen interface. You no longer need to stress over problems caused by water baths such as water evaporation and contamination of samples by bath solutions, etc.

Speed – Optimal shaking with precise temperature control makes tissue processing significantly faster than incubating samples in traditional water baths that are missing shaking functions.

Cost-efficiency – With one EasyClear you can process 10 samples simultaneously at different temperature points from 20°C to 90°C. Conventional methods would require several water baths and shakers, which will cost you substantially more than just one EasyClear.