Neuroscience 2019 LifeCanvas Technologies Travel Award

LifeCanvas Technologies will be awarding multiple travel awards valued at $750 each to eligible applicants for the 2019 Society for Neuroscience’s Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Awardees will be chosen by a panel of LifeCanvas Technologies’ scientists based upon the technological impact and innovation described in the submitted abstract.

Submissions will be accepted through October 1st, 2019.

Eligible applicants must:

      1. Be registered to attend Neuroscience 2019 in Chicago.
      2. Be an author on an accepted poster or oral presentation abstract for Neuroscience 2019 in which LifeCanvas Technologies equipment, reagents, and/or services was used to conduct the research. Data on poster or in presentation must cite LifeCanvas Technologies products and/or services.*
      3. Complete the full application, including abstract.

*Both current and prospective users are encouraged to apply. However, prospective users must submit additional details describing how data will be generated or acquired in advance of the conference. If you have an idea for how to use tissue clearing and imaging for an experiment, email us to determine feasibility and timing.

The winners will be announced October 4th, 2019. LifeCanvas Technologies will provide each winner with a check in the amount of $750.

    • By taking part in the competition, you agree to allow LifeCanvas Technologies to include your name and abstract information in related marketing campaigns, including, but not limited to, press releases, media interviews, advertisements, social media, videos, etc.
    • Applicants can only submit one entry. The application must be completed in full.

Application Materials:

    • Applicant name, contact information, and institution
    • A brief personal biography
    • Title and abstract of your accepted poster or oral presentation
    • For prospective users, additional details describing how data will be generated or acquired in advance of the conference.

To apply, please submit the form below.