New Users

Get the most out of your LifeCanvas products

Our New User Startup Program is designed to provide the best onboarding experience from training to optimization, to ensure attainment of actionable results that meet your scientific needs and goals. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers will provide personalized guidance throughout the entire journey. Fill out the form below to sign up and seamlessly integrate 3D histology and imaging into your research while benefiting from complimentary reagents and discounts!

How it works

Step 1: Schedule a virtual training and get a free one-month supply of reagents (i.e. SHIELD, device buffers, EasyIndex) shipped with your devices. After receiving your products, our experts will walk you through the setup at your virtual training and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Use your free reagents to process a sample on your own and share your results/experiences with our histology experts to receive a 25% discount on all reagent orders for the next 3 months.

Step 3: Extend your reagent discount for another 3 months by signing up for a follow-up consultation with our histology experts, who will ensure continued success in your tissue processing and 3D histology projects.


Please fill out the form below to sign up!