SmartClear II Pro Setup

With clearing an order of magnitude faster than passive clearing and a larger electrophoretic tissue clearing (ETC) chamber, the SmartClear II Pro utilizes stochastic electrotransport (Kim, PNAS, 2015) technology to improve optical clarity, running costs, and reliability while preserving the tissue.

SmartClear II Pro is compatible with many clearing techniques, including:

SmartLabel Setup

By combining two powerful technologies – stochastic electrotransport (Kim et al, PNAS, 2015) and SWITCH (Murray et al, Cell, 2015), SmartLabel achieves whole-organ antibody labeling that is uniform from surface to core. Visualize proteins deep within the organ and study the fine-scale topography of the cells they identify.

SmartSPIM Sample Mounting Protocol

SmartSPIM is an advanced light sheet microscope capable of imaging large tissue samples with high speed and resolution. Samples are mounted intact in a transparent agarose gel, eliminating light interference from hooks, supports, or adhesives. 

Download the written sample mounting protocol [PDF]

EasyClear Setup

An alternative to expensive water baths, incubators, and shakers, the all-in-one EasyClear multi-purpose sample processing device can process 10 samples simultaneously by providing:

  • Full touch screen 
  • Independent and integrated temperature control (20-90°C)
  • Tilting angles (0-60°)
  • Shaking speeds (0-120 rpm)

EasyGel Setup

EasyGel is a cost-effective and reliable solution for
tissue-hydrogel hybridization. Our system includes:

  • Full touch screen
  • Independent and integrated temperature control (20-50˚C)
  • Shaking
  • An air-tight seal enabling uniform and reproducible gelling of up to 8 samples simultaneously