Upcoming publications to watch

Mouse spinal cord expressing tdTomato. Sample courtesy of Lai Lab, UT Southwestern.

Check out these upcoming publications utilizing LifeCanvas products and technologies! Our tissue processing methods and devices are utilized around the world to further medical and biological research, facilitating new discoveries and improving lives. The articles below are posted prior to peer-review in open-access medRxiv and bioRxiv online repositories.

Our favorite inventions for National Inventor’s Month

Siedentopf & Zsigmondy, 1903.

April is National Inventor’s Month, and we wanted to give a shoutout to historical inventors that had a hand in creating the technologies we use every day in our manufacturing and tissue processing lab. Advances in science are incredibly interconnected, requiring the use of materials and equipment from multiple fields with diverse contributors and inventors.… Continue reading Our favorite inventions for National Inventor’s Month