Whole Organ Analysis

Gain valuable new insights into your data with advanced tissue clearing, imaging, and analysis platforms

Intact tissue clearing combined with whole sample imaging and analysis can provide insights into previously inaccessible levels of biological detail and understanding.

LifeCanvas Technologies offers the tools and technologies to enable access to these insights:

SmartClear II Pro – Tissue clearing instrument capable of processing up to four adult mouse brains or eight hemispheres simultaneously, fully clearing in 3-5 days.

SmartLabel – Advanced immunostaining device, capable of uniformly labeling fully intact, several millimeter-thick tissues with multiple probes in under 24 hours.

SmartSPIM – Light sheet microscope optimized for resolution, speed, and flexibility for imaging large samples. High resolution, single channel imaging of an intact adult mouse brain can be achieved in 60 minutes or less.

Advanced 3D image analysis – Full service options including mouse brain atlas alignment, regional segmentation, fluorescence intensity measurements, and cell counting.

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